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and a SURPRISE GUEST in the Circle

I am reminded by friends of the importance of surrendering.

For the past 2 days I had to surrender to these powerful medications, as what else is there to do. I cannot fight them. I cannot pretend they are not coursing through my veins and making me feel like a huge wave just flattened me on the bottom of the ocean, and

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Preparing for chemo . Dreading chemo . Understanding that it will be a week of physical trauma and then I’ll be ok. I never know from time to time however, just what traumas will show up. Will my eyelashes and eyebrows come out THIS time? Will my toenails shrivel up? Will I have some new side effect that I haven’t even considered?

I was supposed to go to a 65th birthday

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Hi Everyone,

I am happy to report that I am now blogging on Huffington Post. Click logo to read:

huffpost-healthy-living If you feel so move, please like, share, comment, and join the conversation.

Be well. Redwing

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