Redwing Keyssar, RN is a Palliative Care Clinician, author, poet, educator, national presenter, and frequent contributor to the public conversation about palliative and end of life care. Redwing offers her perspective to individuals and groups who are interested in examining the junction between our relationship to living fully and our understanding of impermanence, as well as those desiring to explore the changes needed in our healthcare system to better serve us all at the end of life.

Redwing has traversed an amazing 30+ year journey through the healing arts during the infancy and evolution of palliative care. Her intention in becoming a nurse was to be a midwife to the dying and tend to the critically and terminally ill. As her career migrated from oncology to critical care to hospice and palliative care, her own cancer diagnosis thrust her into the world of her patients’ experiences, and to facing her own mortality. 

Redwing is currently the Director of Patient and Caregiver Education at the Center for Education in Palliative Care at the Mt. Zion Campus of the University of California, San Francisco.

As part of this program she leads monthly Advance Care Planning workshops through the Cancer Center at UCSF and will be offering End of Life Doula trainings at UCSF beginning in summer of 2019. For a schedule of workshops at UCSF, please go to:

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Workshops with Redwing

Redwing continues to offer day-long and weekend workshops, presentations and keynotes, as well as private consultations and advocacy regarding issues of palliative and end of life care.  

EXAMPLES of WORKSHOPS/PRESENTATIONS: (any presentation can be tailored to the specific audience)

    What Matters Most (2-session workshop on Advance Care planning—assisting people to understand and create a meaningful and personalized Advance Directive for Healthcare)

  • Facing the Mirror of Mortality”—a weekend workshop exploring our relationship to life and death
  • “Finding Words that Matter”—a workshop for healthcare professionals using Poetic Medicine to access and express feelings about the work of Palliative Care and develop a sense of resiliency and self-care
  • Poetry Cafés—a workshop for people with illness, using Poetic Medicine to access creativity and emotional expression
    • “Everything You Wanted to Know About Palliative Care”
    The Need for a Grassroots Palliative Care Movement
    Patient Advocacy 101
    • Diving DeeperAn Integration of the Arts of Healing and Healthcare, using writing,  music and mindfulness; in conjunction with Cellist/Composer Jami Sieber

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 Redwing's Online Class is Now Available.
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“Let us change the face of dying in our culture from one of fear and anxiety to one of acceptance and compassion.
Inevitable as death is for all beings, let us work to create experiences that are positive, potent, and transformational.”

–Judith Redwing Keyssar

(from her award winning book, Last Acts of Kindness: Lessons for the Living from the Bedside of the Dying)


 Compassionate Care Leadership Awards
Recognizes Redwing Keyssar for Outstanding Service

The Coalition for Compassionate Care of California honored Judith Redwing Keyssar, RN with a 2015 Compassionate Care Leadership Award. The award recognizes an individual who is changing the way we care for seriously ill people or those approaching the end of life. The award was presented at the 2015 CCCC 7th Annual Summit on Palliative Care: A Call to Action in Sacramento.


2019 American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine Humanities Award

This prestigious award recognizes Redwing as author, teacher, national presenter and contributor to the public debate about palliative care. Her poetry presentations at the Annual Assembly of AAHPM have inspired others to discover their own voice, using poetry as a tool for self-expression, self-care and resilience. She brings another dimension of humanity to her work by speaking about her own experience as a cancer patient.