Dream Poem

When I wrote this poem, in 2010, I did not know about my own personal “genetic coding” that carries a mutation. May I understand that even genetic “mutations” do not disrupt our potential for blossoming.

—J. Redwing Keyssar

Pale pink blossom
Dark pink center
Yellow dust of pollen
studding shiny dark brown branches
Enlightening the world
for a short season
a moment
with its beauty, power, grace
with its beauty: undeniable
with its power: to burst through the tight enclosure of green pod
after months of darkness and cold
with its grace: an innocent expression of perfection and love

We are tree
with roots
that tether us
To earth
that inspire us
to reach, all ways
for the heavens

May we never forget
the genetic coding
of all living things:
Our constant and innate potential
To blossom

—J. Redwing Keyssar

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