Between Worlds

—J. Redwing Keyssar

We have seen and heard and touched and tasted
and felt
so many things
in these short lives
That we may not need
to come back here
We are Spirits weaving in and out
Our thin threads binding us briefly to this web
of Life
trying on the costumes
of human forms

we pass through this realm.

Yes there is earth and air
water and fire.
And yes, there is love and hate,
fear and joy and desire

But there is a universe of light behind our blue skies
and dark nights
a universe of light beyond this star
Where the distance between the dream
and reality
isn’t so far
Where time and space provide no security
and without hesitation

I let go of you
and you let go of me.

and there will be
a moment
outside of time
teetering on the edge
between this world and that
between in-breath
and out

when without hesitation
you let go of you

and I let go of me

© J. Redwing Keyssar

PLEASE do not reprint any of this material without permission from the author