Workshops with Redwing

EXAMPLES of WORKSHOPS/PRESENTATIONS: (any presentation can be tailored to the specific audience)

  • What Matters Most (2-session workshop on Advance Care planning—assisting people to understand and create a meaningful and personalized Advance Directive for Healthcare).
  • Facing the Mirror of Mortality”—a weekend workshop exploring our relationship to life and death.
  • “Finding Words that Matter”—a workshop for healthcare professionals using Poetic Medicine to access and express feelings about Palliative Care, and to develop a sense of resiliency and self-care.
  • Poetry Cafés—a workshop for people with illness, using Poetic Medicine to access creativity and emotional expression.
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Palliative Care
  • The Need for a Grassroots Palliative Care Movement
  • Patient Advocacy 101
  • Diving DeeperAn Integration of the Arts of Healing and Healthcare, using writing,  music and mindfulness; in conjunction with Cellist/Composer Jami Sieber


For consultations, keynotes, presentations or workshops, please contact Redwing.