The Power of Water

Each drop so precious we know
Life cannot exist with water
The earth is mostly water
We are mostly water
The red tulips in the clear glass vase drank all their water in one night.
In the morning they were all completely drooping down the outside of the vase. Seemingly dead.
But then, the vase re-filled, fresh clean water. By the evening the tulips stood strong again, dancing their flowing dance of curvaceous stems reaching out for the light of the room now. Opening slowly but surely, allowing all to see the inner beauty as well as the outer. THIS is what happens when we remain nourished and nurtured. We are able to replenish and restore. To open and be vulnerable. To live to dance to allow our beauty to be exposed to the light.

I bless these red healing tulips
I bless the water and send strong prayers for the skies to open and send down the rains this winter for the healing of the earth and our selves.

Personal Journey, Twist of Fate