First Day of Chemo

I awaken early, headcache, can’t sleep. I listen to guided imagery about chemo and it relaxes me enough to get up, drink tea, do some yoga before this adventure begins.

I set up an “altar” on the tray table at the hospital infusion center—a page of affirmations, rocks from Jerusalem in a heart box that Danielle put them in, rock from merijane, a turle of course, a crystal from Sylvia and my photos of the YEW TREE, from which TAXOL is derived — tree roots and branches and bark that is bright purple and green, and a photo of a rock of Platinum, from which Carbopatin is derived. (found in alluvial sands of various rivers, and exists in higher abundances on the Moon and in meteorites) The molecule at the “heart” of the medicine. I visualize that these are the earth elements—that are coursing through my veins and healing me, and they DO.

(photos on photo page)

Nurses come into the room to see these photos and are amazed and moved. “everyone would want to know this, they say.” I will make large photos for the Infusion center.

I offer them all healing stones as well, as they become part of my shamanistic team.

My body accepts all the medicines easily, as Danielle and I spend the day from 9-5:30 at the hospital. I feel calm, healthy, able to eat.

I am grateful for a healthy body to begin with and I accept the healing powers of these new medicines into my body.

I also feel how potent the love is all around me. Healing me, Holding me.


• I am in the expert care of compassionate clinicians

• I enter this healing phase of my treatment in perfect love and perfect trust

• The medicines entering my body will bring healing to all cells—dissolving the unwanted cells so they may never return

• Today will bring healing to me, and to all who are caring for me

• My pain and symptoms will be skillfully managed

• I am grateful for the support I am receiving from friends, family and colleagues around the country

• All who are involved in the administration of chemotherapy and my healing process, will be blessed

Personal Journey, Twist of Fate