Hair Thoughts

The freedom of illness
The freedom of letting go of hair
The freedom of letting go of images of self
The freedom of letting go of what is important. Changing what is important
Seeing differently
Hair as power. Hair as image.
Opportunity for transformation is HUGE


HAIR—symbol in many myths and traditions—of power, of energy, of beauty. There is a native American idea that new thoughts are close to the scalp and the old ones at the ends of the longest strands. When we have very short hair then, we have constantly new thoughts, letting go of the old.

Hair is part of our public persona. It is part of our identity. It says we are old, we are young, we are caucasian, we are African or Chinese, we are bold, we are timid, we are female, we are male, we are gay, we are straight. we are cancer patients.

Without hair, we are humans. If I do not look into the mirror, I am the same person as I always am. If I do not look in the mirror I do not judge myself. I just feel who I am and appreciate it.

Rachel Remen tells us that “ritual is a way of consecrating the ordinary.” We get haircuts regularly, but what does it mean to create ritual out of cutting our hair? It means making this a sacred event.

Our world has been transformed by visible and invisible toxins and energies that have created mutations in our genes, that have destroyed so much of what is sacred already. Our Earth and our bodies, as time goes on, are feeling the affects of this most strongly. The Earth, the Mother of us all is suffering and stressed. The breasts and wombs of so many women are suffering and stressed with a dis-ease called cancer.

Those of us with cancer are allowing extremely powerful and potent medicines, originally of the earth, into our bodies to heal us. However, these medicines are killing many cells besides the cancer cells. Our hair, this symbol of our own sacred power, will be taken away from us by these medicines. Let us empower ourselves by sacrificing the hair that will be taken from us. By freeing ourselves from being victims of “side effects” and becoming warriors of strength and love.

We must invoke all the powers that we know, all the healing energies that we can tap into, all the rituals we can create, to heal this planet, each other and ourselves right now.


We are finding our healing
We are feeling our power
We are sharing our LOVE

Personal Journey, Twist of Fate

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  1. Dear Judith,
    Thank you for sharing your words and thoughts. I was looking for your music on Spotify but found this instead . Do you have any songs on-line?
    Blessed Beyond Measure
    Joyce Ann Martin
    San Diego

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